LINK MIDDLE EAST is committed to a policy of supplying and erecting fencing to a high standard of quality, such that customers’ requirements are met at all times and to implement this policy Link Middle East is committed to operating a Quality Management system as defined in its Quality Manual and supporting procedures and instructions documentation.

The Quality Assurance System defined in the Manual, and its supporting documentation, are mandatory for all staff, all of which being fully aware of the requirements. To ensure this, the Quality Policy of the Company is communicated to all levels and copies are circulated to all employees. In addition, Copies of the Policy are displayed at strategic points on the Company Premises. All Staff are responsible for the Quality of their own work.

The content of this Quality Manual is Copyright. Copies may only be made with the authorisation of the Managing Director or the Operations Director. Such copies will be subjected to recall at any time and remain the property of the Company. No copies of any Quality Manual, Procedures or Instructions may be taken out of the Company’s Premises, except when specific approval from the Managing Director or the operations Director is obtained.

Company safety and fire regulations, product safety and statutory requirements, and user safety, take precedence over all Quality System Procedures. Where there is any problem in this respect, reference should be made immediately to the Managing Director or the Operations Director.


LME believes in keeping abreast of not just technological advancement & product developments in the industry but, also to keep itself updated of the latest Quality Management Systems trends including the current day Quality & System management principles.As part of the above policy.
LME today is proud to state that we have the following Certifications & Accreditations.





  • We at LME believe that Health, Safety & Environment forms an essential part of our operations. LME is strongly committed to undertake this social responsibility as an integral part of our activity.
  • All our operations ensure the Health and Safety of our employees in the operational environment. We undertake numerous measures to protect the personnel, workplace & the environment.


  • Integrating HSE into our Business Plan & Activity.
  • IInclude & Raise awareness of all Employees. Provide adequate training for them to be abler to carry out their activities in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Setting out, implementing & monitoring an effective HSE Plan.
  • Empower and hold Line Managers & Engineers accountable to implement and evaluate HSE Performance.
  • Operate all equipment & Machinery in a safe manner in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Adhere to National & Local Statutory Environment and Safety regulations.
  • Provide employees with adequate safety gear & other facilities to uphold high standard of safety, hygiene & cleanliness.
  • Monitor record & regulate safety incidents, implement preventive measures.
  • Implement KPI's:
  • HSE Training
  • Risk Analysis & Management
  • Emergency Drills
  • HSE Management Meetings
  • HSE Audits