Palisade fencing is the most popular choice for locations requiring a higher level of security and vandal resistance, and can be seen protecting premises of many different types throughout the World. Steel palisade fencing is especially popular for schools and industrial sites because of its high damage resistance and the fact that it is so difficult to climb. As palisade fencing suppliers, Procter Fencing Systems supply both the W section style of palisade fencing and the D section style, with the integrity of the palisade fence being maintained by the two horizontal rails that are used as standard in palisade fences up to three metres high. However, we can supply other heights of palisade fencing as required.

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  • Boundry Perimeter Protection
  • High Security Areas
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  • Airports
  • Prison Boundary
  • Oilfield Onshore & Offshore
  • Commercial Properties
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Palisade Top Shapes & Pales Profiles

High Security Palisade Fence - Conform to BS 1722

  • High security palisade fences can be seen protecting premises of many different types throughout the UK, though always with the W section palisade which offers greater protection compared to the D section - this being more for low to medium security requirements. This W section pales are secured as standard with 8mm shear-cone security bolts, with triple pointed security pales standard above 1.8m high, and with safe notched and rounded tops below that height. Two horizontal rails are standard up to 3m with additional rails being fitted above that height to ensure the integrity of the fence. A specific advantage that steel palisade fencing has in security terms is that it is difficult-to-impossible to climb, which therefore makes it ideal for premises where keeping intruders out is essential. All Procter high security palisade fencing conforms to BS 1722 pt 12.