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Business Activity

Link Middle East, capitalizing on its experience, expertise and vast pool of skilled manpower has recently ventured into the manufacture of Highway Guard Rail Systems & Components into their manufacturing range to cater to the market requirements.

The use of Guard Rail Systems on highways as a safety barrier is quite well known and is popular throughout the world. Millions of kilometres of roads are fitted with these systems to protect the vehicles from skidding away and avert fatal accidents.

The Highway Guard Rail System is an ISO 9001 Certified product, with complete range of accessories including Posts, Spacer Blocks, Transition, End pieces and allied hardware.


Prototype guardrails, bridge rails, crash cushions and other roadside safety hardware have been designed in part by using engineering judgment, experience and intuition. These prototypes have been later evaluated by performing full-scale crash tests representing expected worst case scenarios. Since these tests are relatively expensive and because they require specialized facilities and personnel, the result is that important decisions are quite often based on the results of a few full-scale crash tests. Many highly effective roadside safety hardware systems have been developed using this process.