For over Twenty Five Years we have been practicing a tradition of service offering our clients, products that are truly world-class. We take pride in our ability to conform to major International Standards, while offering our clientele value for money. I have always stressed the organizational philosophy is not to just meet, but exceed client expectations on quality and to make continuous improvement to remain on par with the best in the industry globally. I am glad to say that our focus on quality, cost and time has paid rich dividends. We have had the privilege of providing materials & services to our customers in over 65 countries, with various Consultants, Government Bodies and Organizations. We have our presence in UAE, other GCC Countries, India, West Europe, Far East, Sub-Continent, South Asia including Australia and New Zealand. We have taken part in wide range of developmental projects & activities wherein we have gained rich experience, reinforcing our ability to take up larger & more complex projects..

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General Description

  • Line Wire:
    This is made up of 3.05mm diameter high carbon steel wire, with a tensile strength of 170 to 180kg/mm2. The wire is drawin and dressed in such a manner that the coils formed will fall naturally into the specified diameter without forming a figure eight. Line wire is heavy hot dipped galvanised with a minimum zinc coating of 185gm/m2.
  • Barbed Wire:
    This is 2.00mm diameter, bright mild steel wire with a tensile strength of 38 to 55kg/mm2, conforming to BS1052. The wire is hot dipped galvanised with a minimum zinc coating of 20 to 50gm/m2.
    The barbs are formed with four points. Spacing between the centers of the barbs is every 70mm, along the length of the wire. The barbs are firmly secured by indentations made on the wire, so that the barbs do not rotate or slide along the wire.
    The four points of the barbs are formed at right angels to one another and project outwards approximately 12mm from the centre of the wire.
  • Carrying Handles:
    Handles are made of mild steel wire of 3.55mm diameter, and are attached to the outer turn of the coil on each side.
  • Clips:
    These are made of 1.6mm thick and 10 to 12mm wide mild steel galvanised flats. Each turn of line wire is connected using clips pressed by special tools, to form a diamond pattern mesh.
  • Coils:
    There are 68 to 70 turns in each coil. The coil can be extended into a cylinder of 15 to 16 meters long. It is also possible to close coils so that they return to their original position, without any distortion of turns.

Specifications of Galvanised Concertina Barbed Wire